Budapest, Hungary: Cargo-Bikes Reduce Transport Emissions, Build Alternative Economy

Since 2015, Budapest-based Cargonomia has acted as a sustainable urban transport centre and local organic food distribution point through its cargo-bike messenger service, bicycle-building cooperative, family-scale organic vegetable farm, organic bakery, wine distributor and network of citizen volunteers. The cooperative supplies more than 3,000 food boxes per year, with messengers cycling nearly 18,000 km while… Continue reading

Karissa McKelvey on the Web of Commons

Karissa McKelvey from the Dat Project provides an overview of the new decentralized Internet and the need to insert commons thinking and practices into this new space. This text is based on Karissa’s2017 Full Stack Fest’s keynote and was originally published in the Dat Project’s Blog. Karissa McKelvey:  In the 18th, 19th centuries it was… Continue reading

Co-operating out of Crisis

Pre-order our new issue Beyond Disaster Capitalism — Jonny Gordon-Farleigh “What if the expected responses during disasters either fail to occur or are only marginal? What if the temporary breakdown of social hierarchies allows for new ideas and systems to emerge? What if disasters resolve pre-existing conflicts? And what are the new political powers of… Continue reading

Project of the Day: Refugee Phrasebook

Refugee Phrasebook provides useful phrases and information for newcomers Welcome to Refugee Phrasebook. Together we are building an open collection of useful words and phrases for refugees who just arrived. The Refugee Phrasebook is a multilingual tool that provides basic useful vocabulary related to the most common immediate needs. The phrasebook is created in a set of google… Continue reading

Jerry Michalski on Design from Trust

Jerry Michalski: “Trust” is one of those words we think we understand, but mostly we don’t. In particular, we don’t understand the role of trust in designing our institutions. Worse, few of us question how our institutions are designed. We humans are so adorably adaptable, no? What If We Trusted You — this Patreon project —… Continue reading

Radical Realism for Climate Justice

We are very excited about the launch of our new publication: Radical Realism for Climate Justice. A Civil Society Response to the Challenge of Limiting Global Warming to 1.5°C Limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial is feasible, and it is our best hope of achieving environmental and social justice, of containing the impacts of… Continue reading

There’s more to decentralisation than blockchains and bitcoin

Republished from As the decentralisation movement grows, I consider the characteristics of decentralisation, what decentralisation is a tactic for, why and what work still needs to happen to re-decentralize the digital world. Decentralisation has gone mainstream Between Tim Berners-Lee raising the call to arms to re-decentralize the web, Mozilla, Internet Archive and other institutions pledging… Continue reading

Event: Design Museum, Convivial Tools

Join a symposium exploring new approaches for a more cooperative society, based on the thinking of the late philosopher Ivan Illich. Saturday 13 October: 11.00-18.00 Register Here. What to expect In his book ‘Tools for Conviviality’ (1973), the late Austrian philosopher Ivan Illich argued that the nature of modern ‘tools’, from machines to schools, had… Continue reading