Universal basic services could work better than basic income to combat ‘rise of the robots’

Continuing the conversation on Basic Income, which has been widely covered in this blog, we now turn to something more akin to Dmytri Kleiner’s concept of Basic Outcome, where essential services (and rights) are provided outside of the market sphere. It would, however, be wise to combine Universal Basic Services described by ULC/IGP with our proposals for… Continue reading

What is Holochain and why does it matter?

In this video, Holo/Holochain co-founders Eric Harris-Braun and Arthur Brock and ICO Project Lead Jean Russell explain what Holo and Holochain are and why it matters. Additionally Jamie Klinger explains the finer dimensions of Holochain in the post below: Holochain : The Blockchain picks up a Dimension Jamie Klinger: Bitcoin’s central mechanism — the Blockchain — is a monumental achievement in… Continue reading

In Search of Benevolent Capital: Part I

This two-part, semi-gothic literary essay seeks a provisional definition of “benevolent capital” and a working description of types of artistic and scholarly work that have no value for Capital as such. The paradox observed is that such works may actually appeal to a certain aspect of Capital, insofar as present-day capitalism has within it forms… Continue reading

Basic income in the ‘long now’: three critical considerations for the future(s) of alternative welfare systems

Rok Kranjc: Many of today’s proposals for and experiments with Universal Basic Income (UBI) in so-called developed countries seem to be congruent with, and indeed in some instances explicitly catered towards maintaining the dominant political economic architecture and status quo imaginary. Some of the more salient narratives regarding UBI present it as a silver bullet… Continue reading

Mietshäuser Syndikat: the network for sustainable co-housing projects

Here’s the problem: The founders of “Mietshäuser Syndikat” (tenements syndicate), a network of cohousing projects in Germany, observed many self-organized cohousing projects struggle and fail. Some couldn’t overcome the challenges in the critical early phases, in terms of dealing with legal issues, finances, and group dynamics, while others created commercially exploited housing projects against their original… Continue reading

Sharing Cities for Urban Transformation: Narrative, Policy and Practice

Commercial sharing platforms have reshaped the transportation and housing sectors in cities and raised challenges for urban policy makers seeking to balance market disruption with community protections. Transformational sharing seeks to strengthen the urban commons to address social justice, equity and sustainability. This paper uses Transformative Social Innovation theory to develop a comparative analysis of… Continue reading

The P2P Lab’s Plan for 2018-19

Capitalism swims like a shark. And upon the shark’s fin an exciting prospect is dancing: commons-based peer production. This is the prospect we’ve been trying to understand for the last decade. In the next two years, we aim to ground our ideas for a commons transition on stronger empirical evidence. The main questions we’ll try… Continue reading