A House of the Commons

Norwegian Layman’s Christianity peaked in this house. The man who lived here for almost 40 years, Magnus Johansen Dahl from Spydeberg, was the son of a “husmann”, which in some aspects was worse than serfdom. Serfs were many places well protected by traditions. In spite of his background, Dahl became the apostel of the Totenåsen Hills…. Continue reading

Fab Labs supports local entrepreneurship with open-source and peer-to-peer production

Khushboo Balwani: Here’s the problem: How can consumers become producers? The shift from consumer culture to maker culture is often described in terms of a synthesis between consumers and producers —”prosumers.” What practical steps can be taken for people to become prosumers? Here’s how one organization is working on the problem: In 2002, Neil Gershenfeld, from the Massachusetts… Continue reading

Launching the Nonprofit Democracy Network

Simon Mont: How can nonprofits and movement workers committed to social transformation embody the change we want to see and become more effective, accountable, and equitable as we do it? In late September 2017, thirty-eight people from eighteen different organizations based in ten different states came together to answer this question and learn how to effectively… Continue reading

Matchfunding Social Entrepreneurship and the Commons Collaborative Economy in Barcelona

A new form of citizen participation arises in Barcelona, combining participatory budgets and crowdfunding. It is a co-responsibility model called Matchfunding and it allowes citizens to start and support initiatives for the improvement of Barcelona by connecting participation and democracy with public budgets. The Goteo Foundation (www.goteo.org), in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council and… Continue reading

Agent Intellect and Black Zones

This essay addresses arguments regarding the “place” or “non-place” in which ideas originate and whether they are wholly transcendental, wholly contingent, or a combination of transcendental and contingent. Far from a resuscitation or recitation of Medieval scholastic disputations, the essay seeks to situate these untimely concerns in the context of spent discursive and ideological systems… Continue reading

Change is possible! How to frame the economy to support progressive politics.

I highly recommend this work done by several organizations I think highly of. These highly accessible and thoughtful resources can help us more effectively reframe the dominant economic narratives that have gripped the public imagination and paved the way for regressive economic, social and environmental policies. Without the framing resources and co-ordination to challenge these… Continue reading

Permanently Affordable Housing: Challenges and Potential Paths Forward

Julie Gilgoff: While billion dollar development companies eat up affordable housing units throughout the Bay Area, dedicated teams of organizers, nonprofit service providers, community development corporations, and others fight a relentless battle along side and on behalf of those at threat of displacement. Some are seeking to transform the current system of land ownership, removing profit… Continue reading