A Common Right: Scotland

Reposted from Land Rights Now Campaign (Youtube) Sarah Boden decided it was time to swap her busy London life as a music journalist in order to reconnect to the land and community life on the Scottish Isle of Eigg. Thanks to the community’s buy-out of the Island in 1997, it was all made possible. This… Continue reading

2019: Letter of solidarity and support for the Zapatista resistance and autonomy

Reposted from Solidarityfrombelow.org January 2019 We, intellectuals, academics, artists, activists and others in solidarity, as well as organizations, associations and collectives from across the world, express our solidarity with the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) in this critical moment in its history, and condemn the ongoing campaign of disinformation, lies, and slander directed against… Continue reading

Beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum — a fairer and more just post-monetary sociopolitical economy

Taking the Bitcoin dream of ‘freedom as self-sovereignty’ beyond anything even Bitcoin maximalists ever dared to dream of. Written by Hank Sohota. Originally posted on Good Audience on 28th January 2019. A viable, sustainable and scalable P2P sociopolitical economy, which embraces digital and data sovereignty for all agents, is about to emerge. One in which, as a consequence, money… Continue reading

We-Guild: The Social Safety Network

We-Guild is a way for self-employed people to get sick-pay. A trust-based network of mutual support where everyone you trust chips in when you need it in exchange of you chipping in for them when they need it. Watch the video if you haven’t already and check the rest of the info on this site. Video: We-Guild, YouTube​

[Call for abstracts] Post-automation? Exploring democratic alternatives to Industry 4.0

“An international research symposium, 11-13 September 2019, Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, UK About the Symposium We are delighted to invite proposals for papers for the International Research Symposium on Post-Automation? Towards Democratic Alternatives to Industry 4.0, taking place at the Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, 11-13 September 2019. The Symposium… Continue reading

Evolving Toward Cooperation

Published with permission from Kosmos Journal By Kurt Johnson David Sloan Wilson’s New Evolutionary Biology Shortly after the publication of The Coming Interspiritual Age in 2013, I was contacted by Dr. David Sloan Wilson, founder of The Evolution Institute and Distinguished Professor of Biology and Anthropology in the State University system of New York. He… Continue reading

Crypto-Commonists and Crypto-Libertarians

This post by Mateo PGS was originally published on Medium.com Framing the ideological divide within crypto-anarchism *Link to dissertation at the end* Trained as we are to accept authority and the inevitability of submitting to forces greater than us, human beings are mesmerized by rebellious movements that struggle to overturn the established order. I guess… Continue reading